Saturday, 12 November 2016

Woman Crush Wednesday

We try our very best to understand this term 'woman crush wednesday'. What We see it is as is a woman who deserves a day to be on your social media from a week.
   In terms of Fashion Woman Crush Wednesday, for us is that one slayer who keeps string the most views and likes on a fashion based platform. WCW can differ or just be a single one, all depends on who's involved.
  Worldwide We think everyone should have their WCW today as Hilary Clinton who was so bold enough to try contest for presidency in the United States of America. Definitely if she'd won she will be our WCW...
    Faschun Jinkz's WCW is that who gives us a reason to keeping doing what we do, which is fashion. She is one who inspires us with her daily posts and write ups. She gives hope and joy to those around her. She is one who is beautiful and isn't intimidated by others. She is independent and brave as a woman. Any woman that has all those qualities deserves to be our WCE woman crush everyday.
    We search far and wide for women with one or all qualities and to an extent we were successful in meeting different people round Nigeria Especially from University of Benin. Despite no one is to be trusted only a few try to be.
    Now, our WCW for this week goes to this Canada based Nigeria Favour Zibiri. She is a fashionable trendsetter who is beautiful and sexy. Her Instagram notification blows up with comments and likes. She is attractive and can make your faithful boyfriend dump you with just a snap of her finger. She is not just all that sexy and attractive; she is also with brains hence she doesn't apply to the term 'beauty without brains'.

These pictures below and above explains it all why @zi_best is our WCW for this week. If you'd like this post please click the Facebook button below and share it with all your friends

You can follow Favour on Instagram @zi_best

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Fashion: A little touch of Ghetto

Okay... This is when we got serious and started to impact on the photo shoot... We took this first shot to test the camera, check for adequate lighting and arrange our, concept, theme and setting...

This picture actually doesn't says much but shows the Ghetto life in any hood and how things are run... We had an awesome shot for this ghetto game... Though it wasn't that deep

There's no place on earth that don't have ghetto and ghetto people in it... And here faschun Jinkz has just given you a pinch from the Ghetto life

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News: Faschun Jinkz Facebook Page

Hey, fellow readers and fashion lovers, we have a new way you guys can reach us, its more easier and efficient. We have created a facebook page where our exclusive post will be shown first.

You will have live videos from our photoshoots and by November We would start selling clothes here on our blog, facebook page and instagram page.

More information onn the link will be passed on as time goes by, but for share this post to let as many fashion lovers find out
thank you

Team Faschun Jinkz
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Friday, 17 June 2016

Today is our CEOs birthday... The whole team of Faschun Jinkz wants to wish the founder and CEO of this great establishment a happy birthday... He has contributed to Faschun Jinkz flawlessly and without him, we don't know what would have happened to Faschun Jinkz... Show some love to the CEO people.... 👇👇👇👇 tag a friend who doesn't know him to tag a friend to celebrate with us... Happy Birthday Omasanuwa Eguono Eseosa CEO to the great Faschun Jinkz.


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Monday, 6 June 2016

Event: Art Meets Runway 2016

Art meets runway 2016 was another astonishing event held in the University of Benin aimed at showing a large audience different new and upcoming designers in the Falculty of Engineering

We were pleased with lovely setting... And here are some pictures of the event

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Africa Unite: Winner

As for number 1 we have Valerie from Covenant University who wears an awesome Ankara and a white pair of pants... She wins this Africa Unite because she linked our ancient culture with modernity and has thought the children of today about their history and past

Africa Unite has officially ended now await the greatest University of Benin students posts...

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Africa Unite: Second Position

For the second position we have a lover of black and chocolates... She is great and sexy with a flat tummy

She goes by the name April Wealths from the University of Port Harcourt and has a star rating of 3🌟🌟🌟

She rocks the regular attire worn by most African Women

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